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What we hope to achieve?

Scouts Against Malaria (SAM) is a multi County initiative to raise money to purchase impregnated malaria nets for distribution in Africa. By raising money from the UK challenge badge scheme, we can provide African Scouts the training they need to deliver materials and educate the local population in the correct use of the nets.

How it works...



Individuals, Sections and /or Groups complete the criteria for the challenge badge

The completed application form is sent to Scouts Against Malaria (SAM) along with the funds raised (minimum of £10 per badge)

The corresponding number of impregnated nets is supplied to the African Scouts

Once SAM has been informed of where the nets have been distributed the information will be uploaded below, so that the fundraisers can keep track of their nets


Local Scouts will receive nets and in conjunction with local authorities allocate them to individual homes

Scouts will meet the families and teach them the importance of using the nets and how to set them up correctly

The Scouts will keep in contact with the families to ensure that the nets are used correctly

Participating Scouts in Africa will earn the same badge as those in the UK

Get Involved

Further details of the scheme can be obtained by contacting the team. A number of programme resources have been created and are available below.

Members of the SAM team are also able to give talks and presentations to interested Sections or Groups.

How it works...

Each District within Hertfordshire along with each of our Activity Centres has a Scouts Against Malaria case. The SAM case contains the resources and materials needed to complete games and activities to help educate our young people about Malaria. Please contact the Activity Centres or your District to arrange for a loan of the Case of Malaria.

The primary task is for each participant to raise £10.00 to be donated to the fund. Everyone individual, group or section who has raises funds receives a certificate presented to them. Peter Makewell ACC(I) travels around the County to personally make the presentation of all of the badges. Those who receive their badge are allowed to wear it on their uniform in the occasional badge position.


What is in the Scouts Against Malaria case?

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Scissors

  • Googly Eyes

  • Malaria Net

  • Dice

  • Resource Folder with the following documents:

SAM Flyer

Distribution of Nets Updates

Below are reports and videos from the people benefiting from the money raised by SAM.


Ghana - St Albans Cubs

This report was sent from St Albans Cubs who raised funds an purchased Malaria nets in Ghana.


This video shows how Cleopatra John was able to buy and distribute nets in Uganda, paid for by Hertfordshire Scouts.


A report from Prince Akese who has also been organising the purchased and distrubtion of nets in Ghana.

Scouts In Ghana 

Pictures of Scouts in Ghana who took part in the SAM Campaign locally receiving certificates and badges from Hertfordshire Scouts.


This video was sent to us by Louis Okyere the Chief Commissioner of the Scouts in Ghana, showing the nets being purchased and distributed.


A report from the Scouts in Malawi who have also received funds from Hertfordshire and are organising the purchase and distribution of nets.


This video was sent to us by Reyner, showing the nets being distributed in Malawi.

Kasokoso Nakawa

April reports from the Scouts in Uganda who have also received funds from Hertfordshire and are organising the purchase and distribution of nets.

Kasokoso Nakawa


A team of scouts moved to Kasokoso Slum to carry out the SAM Campaign.

World Malaria Day

The Scouts Against Malaria report for World Malaria Day 2021.

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