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International Matters: World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day: 25 April

Countries like Burkina Faso are having to deal with the ongoing threat of Malaria, as well as the global pandemic. Hertfordshire Scouts are partnering with Burkina Faso Scouts in a 3 pronged approach;

· Distribution of malaria nets to the areas most in need

· Teaching local people about how to use malaria nets efficiently

· Destroying mosquito roosts, where the mosquitos live

By taking part in the Scouts against Malaria project as part of your International programme you can help to support the fight against Malaria.

Resources for all sections can be found on our website.

Why not complete the activities and earn the special Scouts Against Malaria Badge? You can contact SAM coordinator Richard Bird at for further information and support.


25 April is world Malaria day and so it was rather appropriate that last week the Scouts Against Malaria Campaign was given a major boost by the Cubs from the 3rd St Albans.

After discussions with one of their leaders, Michael Bowden, I was finally able to take part in my first face to face presentation of SAM Badges for over 18 months. The St Albans leaders had tasked the cubs with fundraising for the SAM campaign and in the weeks prior to the fundraising they had made friends with the Tamale Cubs in Uganda.

The St Albans cubs have enlisted the help of Marvin Takel from Surrey Scouts to involve their new Uganda friends in distribution of nets and the education of local people in how to use Mosquito nets as well. The Griffin Pack Cubs must have worked very hard at their mammoth fundraiser because when Michael and I spoke initially there was a fund of £1300.00 but by the time of the presentation just a few days later the money raised had increased to £1600.00 and there were several more promises of money on the night.

In order to remain COVID safe we met in the open air at Nomansland Car Park in St Albans and gave the badges and certificates to the Cubs but swapped our traditional handshake for a Scout salute. It felt good to be back out and doing something, even if my Scout trousers had shrunk in the wardrobe in the last 18 months.

Marvin, I am sure, will be working hard along with his Scout colleagues in Uganda to get nets purchased and distributed and I look forward to seeing the videos of the Tamale Cubs distributing the nets when they arrive.

We will of course arrange for the video’s to be available on our website along with the latest updates from the Scouts in Africa distributing the nets bought by the money raised by SAM.

I would like to personally thank the Cubs of the 3rd St Albans for this amazing effort, their actions will undoubtably be saving lives over the coming months and that is an amazing achievement.

If you are a Hertfordshire Leader in any section and you want to do something amazing, please look at the SAM resources and get involved, raising £10.00 will pay for a net and its distribution and I promise that for anyone in Hertfordshire who raises £10.00, I will come to your meeting and present your badge.

Thanks again for all your support with this worthwhile cause, it is very rewarding to see scouting making a difference in the World.

Peter Makewell

Hertfordshire Scouts

ACC International

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